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Please take a moment and consider this, if you needed foot surgery, would you do it yourself or go to a podiatrist?  Do you fill your own cavities or go and see a dentist?  How about going to Hawaii?  Are you going to fly yourself there or have a professional pilot get you to the Aloha State?  The same thinking should apply to real estate.  The art and science of selling a home is something that takes several years, if not decades to perfect.  There are so many nuances to home sales and home buying that the average buyers and sellers are not aware of.  Especially the necessary disclosures, mountains of paperwork, and man hours that are involved in each and every Woodridge IL real estate transaction.  There are also many aspects of the real estate process that are easily available to the Woodridge IL REALTOR team of Tracy Driscoll and Diane Crisp.  The process of selling a Woodridge IL home is very time-consuming, and most of the time, the seller has many more important aspects to consider, such as moving.

Woodridge IL REALTORS spend many years learning the art and science of selling and how to properly interpret the Woodridge IL real estate market.  Great REALTORS, like real estate agents Tracy & Diane, can offer you insight and information that only comes from years of experience.  Real estate agents Tracy and Diane are also experts on the Woodridge IL area.  They know the communities and what amenities each community has to offer.  They know the schools in Woodridge, the transportation, and how the current Woodridge market will affect the sale of your home.

Using a REALTOR to sell your Woodridge home has many advantages over a “for sale by owner” home sale.  The most significant advantage is exposure.  The marketing of your Woodridge home is of the highest importance if you want it sold quickly, perhaps at all.  Without a full and complete marketing plan, your Woodridge house will not be seen by many of the prospective buyers available and consequently, will take longer to sell.  Woodridge IL REALTORS Tracy & Diane utilize the latest in internet marketing, SEO for real estate, and traditional marketing resources for your Woodridge property.  Real estate agents can also use current market analysis to evaluate the best and most precise value of your Woodridge home, and price it correctly for the Woodridge market.  This will make your home competitive and more attractive to potential home buyers.  Please remember that statistically, homes sold by REALTORS sell for an average of $20 to $30 thousand dollars more than houses sold by the owner.  Just as you would use a professional to fix your teeth, use a professional real estate agent to sell your home or buy a home.  This will free up your time to get organized for the impending move to your new home.

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