Westmont IL Real Estate Agents | The Importance of Choosing the Right Westmont IL Mortgage Broker for Your Real Estate Transaction


Most people don’t buy a new home every day (unless you’re Bill Gates).  Because of this, you might not be familiar with the process of getting a home loan.  Without the experience of getting a home loan, you might fall victim to the many pitfalls of not choosing a bank carefully and with intent.  You might even think it’s as simple as Googling “home mortgages”, finding the lowest rate, signing up, and being done with it.

This, however, is not the best idea and can be a mistake that will cost you in the end.  In this current day and age, getting a Westmont IL home loan is not a stroll in the park.  There are many hurdles that can keep you from getting the loan you need, but an experienced Westmont IL real estate agent can give you options for great mortgage professionals that will ask the right questions, guide you step by step through the process, and be working hard on your behalf by tending to any issues that come to the surface.

This can happen to you!

Here is a common scenario.  A home buying client gets quoted an incredible rate (if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is), the Westmont IL REALTOR cautions the buyer to go with a trusted mortgage specialist, but the home buyer chooses to go with the “too good to be true” option.

Fast forward a few weeks.  Closing is just a week away and the home buyer gets a call from the bank saying there is an issue with their loan.  That “too good to be true” rate was just that, too good to be true.  Apparently, that amazing rate that the buyer was quoted was for a Veterans Administration loan which explains why it was so low.  Problem is, the Westmont IL home buyer is not a veteran.  Now the buyer is in a bad spot.  Not only will the Westmont IL home buyer not get that incredible interest rate they were quoted, but now their closing is going to be set back a few weeks while they try and get another loan.  In addition to this headache, the buyer had already packed up the moving truck to move into, what they thought would be their new home.  Now, because the buyer didn’t listen to their Westmont IL real estate agent, he’ll have to move his family into a hotel and put all of their belongings into storage until he can get a home loan.

(story adapted from actual events)

Don’t make this mistake

This real situation could have been avoided if the buyer would have trusted their real estate professionals.  A great Westmont IL real estate agent along with a great mortgage professional can provide a tremendous service.  Westmont IL REALTORS, Tracy & Diane, work with a team of lawyers, loan specialists, assessors, painters, engineers, photographers, inspectors, stagers, and many other professionals on a daily basis.  They generally know who the great professionals are and who to stay away from.  Westmont IL real estate agents Tracy and Diane can give you a short list of banks that they know and have worked with before, that will take great care of you.  They can do the leg work and find which banks have the best loan terms and that will work hard for you.  You can now feel comfortable with their choices of mortgage professionals that can be with you all the way to your Westmont IL real estate dreams.


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